Taoist Secrets of Darkroom

Free Lecture with legendary Taoist teacher Mantak Chia

28 January 2024, 13:30 Paris time | 7:30 am New York time

How to Reset Yourself and Accelerate your Meditation Practice

LIVE online event

Would you like to slow down, quiet your mind and hear your inner voice?

We live in a world where we are overwhelmed with information from the TV and the internet, so we spend too much time worrying and lack energy for our daily chores.


Do you have no time to listen to your thoughts and connect with yourself? You can change it!


This year 2024 can become a turning point in taking care of your emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.


During the lecture with Grandmaster Mantak Chia, you will learn simple techniques which can be practiced at any place and any time without any special equipment.

Discover how to slow down in a way that most of us have never done before with the Taoist secrets of the Darkroom. It helps to quieten the mind and gives the body an incredible rest, supporting its natural rejuvenation. This is the highest chemistry of consciousness.

About Master

Grandmaster Mantak Chia is the foremost Taoist Master in the world. He is the only Qigong Master who received the Qigong Master of the Year Award twice. He is the author of 60 books and has 49 years of teaching experience – both online and offline. Students of Master Chia especially like the clarity of the explanations, a lot of practice during his classes, slow pace and energy transmission which you can feel even online.

At the free lecture you will discover:

  1. Meditation for a deeper understanding of your inner self
  2. Ancient Tao practices for health, healing and higher consciousness
  3. Benefits of the Darkroom retreat and Pi Gu Fasting

You have the unique opportunity to learn directly from Mantak Chia ― one of the most influential living Taoist Qigong teachers of our time. He is the author of more than 60 books and has over 50 years of diligent practice and teaching.

Practicing the techniques explained during the lecture, you will:

  1. Feel more grounded, centered and in control of your life
  2. Learn to listen to yourself and find the way to your inner balance
  3. Reset yourself and boost your energy levels

Hundreds of Mantak Chia’s online students say that it’s amazing how you can feel the energy transmission even online. Join us and experience it for yourself.


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28 January 2024, 13:30 Paris time 7:30 am New York time


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